The Food and Drink Combination For a Healthier You

People have been haggling over the price for health and what it will cost them to get a healthier body. It doesn’t have to be much, as you will soon find out, because of this simple combination of food and drink that has been giving health buffs all over the world a lean, good-looking and a healthy physique. Here is the food and drink you should start partaking to bring out the best in you.Fruits and vegetables are with no doubt a very good combination of food to help you with giving your body the nutrients that it need, not to mention that it helps with the intestines with the digestion of food. Properly digested foodstuff also means the proper derivation of nutrients and minerals to be distributed throughout the body.Since fruits and vegetables have low calorie and high protein contents, you don’t really have to worry about getting those extra pounds. Eat as much of these food groups as you can. But you don’t have to make your diet exclusive to these foods.There are certain meat products that you can take without you worrying over how much calories they can give your body. Lean meat from pork, and beef products, poultry bred meat and fish and aquatic meat are examples of meat products that are very healthy. Though healthy as they are, you should remember to take them in moderation.As the world’s universal solvent water has a lot of benefits to the body. For one, it effectively hydrates your body to add energy to your body as you go about your day. It helps with the food digestion. And it also help you burn calories. A lot of studies has concluded that taking at least 8 glasses of water, as per the advice of doctors and mothers around the world, can burn 50 calories.Fruit and vegetable juices should be the choice beverage over anything else. As oppose to popular fruit and vegetable drinks, fruit juices deliver more punch to the package, which gives you more vitamins and minerals, more than enough to sustain your energy throughout the day. It would be wonderful if you can have it directly out of an efficient processor or juicer, in that way you get more juice, while keeping the nutrients intact.To get a healthier you, you only need to start with your food and drink consumption. So make sure that you eat right, with moderate intake of choice meat products and loads of fruits and vegetables. Wash them down with water and fresh fruit juices. Now that is the good life.